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Sturgeon Composition ・ Nutritional Value

We want to deliver a new taste to you.
That is sturgeon.

Caviar Fish is what we call sturgeon. Sturgeon is a fish famous
for its caviar which is considered one of the world's top three delicacies.
However sturgeon meat is rarely eaten in Japan. Known as the emperor fish
or royal fish, its high grade meat was presented to kings and emperors.
The meat is not only delicious, but healthy. It has a unique light texture
and is filled with umami and nutrients. We ask you to try it!

Caviar Fish is a balanced three-star ingredient; that is, it's delicious, nutritious and has great texture.

Nutritional Value for sturgeon.
It is a very healthy ingredient.

Compared to other fish, sturgeon has superior quality protein (essential amino acids),
and has a delicious composition that contains glutamic acid, alanine, glycine and aspartic acid.
Sturgeon has white meat that is light and has no small bones, making it easy to eat.

Essential amino acids composition comparison chart

※ 2015 Kanagawa Odontological Society Presentation

  1. Healthy

    Glutamic acid

    Glutamic acid stimulates the brain
    and is abundant in sturgeon.

  2. Healthy

    Aspartic acid

    The aspartic acid in sturgeon helps
    absorb nutrients and restores fatigue.

  3. Healthy


    Alanine is an energy source for the
    liver and is vital for its health.

  4. Healthy


    Glycine improves blood flow and is
    said to improve quality of sleep.

Begin with a healthy bite

Sturgeon is high in protein with a moderate consistency. By chewing properly, parotin, that is to say a saliva hormone is secreted which makes bones and teeth strong. It will help promote good physical growth.

Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids

Blue skinned fish contain a lot of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as EPA and DHA which help prevent arteriosclerosis.
However, sturgeon (bester species) contain a particularly high amount of these polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Fish Linoleic acid EPA
Bester 8.20% 12.70%
Jack mackerel 2.10% 4.30%
Red sea bream 1.80% 9.00%
Pacific cod 0.90% 15.30%
Carp 6.90% -
Salmon 1.40% 6.50%
Sweetfish 4.80% 2.40%
Rainbow trout 14.00% 2.50%

Data: A comparison of polyunsaturated fatty acid composition of Bester and other fish species.
※Bester data was analyzed at Kamakura Women's University in February 1995. The source of the other fish data is the "New Fisheries Handbook."

Rich in collagen!

Rich in collagen!

Collagen is known to be good for female beauty as it is a substance essential for cell binding. Fish meat is generally rich in collagen, but according to reports, sturgeon contains more than red sea bream and is comparable to flounder. Collagen is in the firm body of sturgeon. (Reference: Accompanying material for the presentation at the Fisheries Society Spring Meeting 2000 by the Faculty of Fisheries of Nagasaki University and Kyushu Electric Power Research Institute)

Rich in chondroitin sulfate!

Rich in chondroitin sulfate!

Chondroitin sulfate has been a hot topic recently and is found in the composition of bones (especially cartilage). It is essential for smooth joint movement and the natural healing of wounds. Therefore it helps reduce pain in the lower back and joints, stiff shoulders, rheumatism, osteoporosis and also helps fight against liver disease, hearing loss and eye strain. Sturgeon bones are rich in chondroitin sulfate and there is no one who wouldn't want to use the bones as an ingredient!

Rich in amino acids!

Rich in amino acids!

Through an analysis of sturgeon meat, it becomes clear that sturgeon is richer in amino acids than other fish with a value close to 90. With high values found in red seam bream (87), carp (77) and eel (64), it can be said they also include proteins essential for people such as polyunsaturated fatty acids. (A bulletin in 1996 by Kamakura Women's University).

Rich in carnosine!

Rich in carnosine!

With the analysis of amino acids contained in sturgeon, it was found that it contains a lot of carnosine, which is a type of amino acid. Chicken meat also contains a lot of carnosine, which has antioxidants and plays a role in giving a rich flavor. This is what makes stews and soups delicious. (Paper presented at the 1998 Spring Meeting of Japan Fisheries Society at the Iwate Fisheries Technology Center)

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