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Sturgeon (Caviar Fish) Development Story

The history of sturgeon cultivation started in Tsukuba!


Launch of a new business

Fujikin's chief technical advisor at that time, the late Dr. Saburo Nishi, suggested we try utilizing Fujikin's valves for stugeon cultivation. Project members traveled to the former Soviet Union to study sturgeon farms and had discussions with the Russian Ministry of Fisheries.

Visit to the former Soviet Union

  • After tasting fresh caviar at a boat party on the Volga River, project members came to understand why caviar is considered a top 3 delicacy around the world.
  • From observing the cultivation facilities there, they acquired many hints on how to fully utilize Fujikin's flow control technology for a cultivation facility.
  • We did not know anything about hatching technology or feeding fish.
  • A fully closed-cycle filtration system was utilized and the sturgeon cultivation plant was completed at the Tsukuba Advanced Technology Center.


Observation of sturgeon

  • Introduction of 100, three to four year-old bester species fish.
  • Accumalation of ecological data.
  • Able to distinguish the characteristics of individual fish.
  • Management of identifying individual fish.


Establishment of egg production technology

  • Egg production technology was established for the acceleration of ovulation and caesarean sections.


Successful artificial hatching

Fujikin became the first private company in Japan to successfully carry out artificial hatching.
However, the survival rate in the first year was 5%


Successful complete cultivation

Fujikin became the world's first in successful cultivation in a water tank.
Survival rate increased to 60%.
Started to participate in the International Symposium on Sturgeon.


First shipment of caviar

Japan's first shipment of domestic caviar


Acquisition of Satomi Fish Farm.

Satomi Fish Farm in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture was acquired.
Developed a system that can efficiently raise more than 10,000 sturgeon.


Supply stability

From now we continue without limits, research and devlopement into the stable supply of sturgeon.

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