APPEALThe Charm of Caviar Fish

Actually, sturgeon are not sharks!

Why is that?

Sturgeon is a fish that has existed on earth since 300 million years ago

Sturgeon is a fish that is primarily harvested in the Caspian Sea, and its eggs are universally prized as caviar.
Sturgeon are similar to the ancient coelacanths. Its length is normally 1 to 2 meters, but some species can surpass 5 meters and live up to 150 years.
Among royalty in the West, it was called the Royal Fish and the meat was considered a precious ingredient. It was also praised in China as the Emperor Fish.
Sturgeon is a unique species, and there are concerns about its extinction due to overfishing. According to folklore, sturgeon swimming up rivers in China look like dragons and were said to be the origin of the phrase rising dragon.

Origins of Emporer Fish

A thousand years ago, there was a great fishing master in the Hezheng tribe living in the Sanjiang region of Northeast China. One day, he discovered a huge fish that he had never seen and he stabbed it. The big fish struggled, jumping and diving in the water for a long time, until it ran out of energy. The master pulled up the big fish with the help of 10 young men in the village. The fish was about the size of 2 horses. Around this time, a messenger from the emperor came to the village, and the fishing master decided to carry the big fish on a boat to present to the emperor.
Surprised by the size of the fish, the emperor asked, "What is this fish called?" The master replied "Actually, this fish has no name yet, please give it a good name." The emperor nodded and wrote the character for "fish" on a piece of paper, adding the character for "emperor" to the right. "This is the emperor of fish, so it will be named Emperor Fish. Bring me this fish every year!"