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Sturgeon (Caviar Fish) Features

  • Fully closed-cycle filtration system
  • Flow control
  • Backwashing system development

In 2008, Fujikin acquired the Satomi Fish Farm in Hitachiota City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Satomi Fish Farm is 3000 square metres and twice the size of our Tsukuba Advanced Technology Center cultivation plant. With our system, we are able to raise over 10,000 super sturgeon (including juvenile fish) and continuously have a stable supply of super sturgeon.

At our facility, the alternation of generations was made possible and we are also able to provide a pleasant environment for the sturgeon while reducing the environmental burden. We utilize a fully closed-cycle filtration system that uses clean water as its water source. This water recycling equipment purifies all the water from the water tank where the fish live and returns it once purified.

Thorough water quality management

We manage the water quality by matching the flow close to that of a river in Russia, which is the fish's natural habitat, and simulating the natural environment. We cultivate the fish in a stress-free environment.

Fish management with microchips

We manage each individual fish that has given birth to juvenile fish with a microchip. Fujikin's fish is not just for eating, but also those parent fish let us properly manage the data for their ecology history.

Contributing to ecology. Our cultivation facility is also eco.

Successful production of organic fish

Fujikin utilizes a fully-closed cycle filtration tank at its cultivation facility which is friendly to the environment.
With Fujikin's flow control technology, a flow is created that does not cause stress on the circulating water.
A minimum amount of equipment is used to work in harmony with the environment and to reduce risks. The water source is sterilized with chlorine which makes water contamination with viruses extremely low. Fish excrement inside the tank is decomposed by gentle bacteria such as nitrosomonas, which makes it difficult for harmful bacteria to spread. Through this, our facility is able to produce organic fish without needing to use antibiotics.

Water conservation by recycling cultivation water

Since the cultivation water is constantly purified and recycled in a filtration tank, the intake of outside clean water is extraordinarily low. Some new water is necessary for cleaning the sludge condensed inside the filtration tank and for periodically replenishing water that has naturally evaporated. Our 800 ton water facility requires only the intake of around one ton of outside clean water daily, which is equivalent to a bathtub being filled five to six times. A facility of the same scale using the typical free-flowing system would require 18,000 tons daily, which makes it clear how extraordinary our water conservation is.

Equipment to recycle sludge

The sludge and water that is discharged when washing the filtration tank is temporarily stored in a settling tank, and only the separated supernatant is drained after monitoring the ph value. The remaining sludge is left to decompose until it is usable as compost, where it is utilized as organic fertilizer for the green land and trees around the premises at our facility. The inclusion of this management system is one of the main factors in acquiring the ISO 14001 certification and from these results we continue to increase our research and development into aquaponics.

Aquaponics is combining aquaculture with agriculture

The ongoing research and development of aquaponics is technology with a high expectation to make the best use of everything.

  • Cultivation water tank and filtration tank circulation with a pump (normal filtration circulation)
  • A hydroponic water tank is installed between the cultivation water tank and the filtration tank.
  • Fish excrement is purified by the filtration tank and changed to liquid fertilizer
  • A hydroponic culture is realized without fertilizing!
  • A circulation type, land-based cultivation system Circulation, land-based cultivation system
  • Mixed lettuce Mixed lettuce
  • Chinese water spinach Chinese water spinach
  • Mini tomatoes Mini tomatoes
  • Komatsuna Komatsuna
  • Bell peppers Bell peppers

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