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Sturgeon Business

The first in Japan(※1), to successfully artificially hatch sturgeon

Our Vision
Water quality management to match
the "flow" of a natural river
World's first!
Complete cultivation in a water tank
Through the cultivation of sturgeon, we continue our research everyday
to help deliver Japan's necessary eating habits and to also conduct scientific research.
We want to deliver safe and healthy deliciousness and color to the dining table. That is our wish.
《 Utilizing technology for cultivation in the water tank 》
Fully closed circulation filtration method
Flow control
Filtration tank reverse washing system development
Thorough water quality management
Microchip fish management

In 1992, Fujkin was Japan's first private company to successfully artifically hatch sturgeon(※1). In 1998, Fujikin was the world's first to successfully cultivate sturgeon entirely by aquaculture, and so Fujikin's sturgeon were nicknamed "Super Sturgeon." A saltwater fish research facility was established on one section of a large site. Amid concerns about the destruction caused by overfishing, we utilized our advanced know-how of ultra precise flow control systems to develop incubation control, breeding technology, and water quality control technology for Sturgeon, the freshwater fish that produces high grade caviar. With this safe and secure food, we can deliver rich and healthy eating to everyone.

Contributing to the environment, cultivation equipment is also sustainable.

Fujikin uses an environmentally conscious cultivation facility, a fully-closed circulation filtration tank. Using our fluid control technology, we implement a "flow" that applies no stress on the water circulation. By using a minimum amount of equipment, we reduce the burden on the natural environment.
Since the water source is sterilized with chlorine, the probability of contamination is extremely low and decomposing fish excrement with nitrosomonas and nitrobacterium bacteria, the environment is purified, making it hard for other bacteria grow. In this way we produce organic fish that do not require antibiotics.

  • ・ Organic Fish Production
  • ・ Huge water saving result by recycling the water used to cultivate fish
  • ・ Equipment to recycle dirty water
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Sturgeon Business Promotion

With the complete cultivation of sturgeon in a high quality environment, we sell juvenile fish to fish famers nationwide, and to restaurants we sell incubated fish for caviar and live fish for fish meat.

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