Connecting with the world through manufacturing,
the evolution of technology is Fujikin's history.


Founder Junji Kojima

May:"Kojima Shoten" was founded by KOJIMA Junji (deceased) in Minato-ku, Osaka

We enter the business of pipe materials, machine tools and wholesaling of metal parts, and our main business consists of exporting to mainland China and meeting domestic demand. ※Photo of company founder and first president, KOJIMA Junji



January:Carp trademark products launch

A new engineering department is created to cater to surging demand for valve cocks, and at the same time the company acquires the Shigino Plant in Joto Ward, Osaka, and operations are launched. Products are sold under the Carp trademark.

Domestic valve technology is immature...
"We can only create it ourselves"


January: Fujishima Koki Co., Ltd established

Fujishima Koki kabushikigaisha Co., Ltd, a corporate body, is established, to continue with the business. ※Fujishima Koki kabushikigaisha Co., Ltd continues to do business as the Osaka Plumbing Sanitary Trade Assoc. in the Ebie district of Fukushima Ward, Osaka. The company is a special agent of ours and is specially contracted to pipe-equipment and materials makers.