Corporate Information

High Pressure Gas Certification

"3I C" (exemption matrix 3 ) Certified products

What is "3I 1C"?
3IPressure test (inspection), air tightness test (inspection), thickness test (inspection)
1CMaterials regulation (confirmation)
Results of tests and certified products conducted at one time are reported to the sitting prefectural governor.
Facility Storage Facilities(※1) Remarks (Criteria)
Finished products and satefy inspection report Shell Test Required by Law Passing the pressure test with over 1.5 times the designed pressure allowance.
Air Tightness Test Required by Law Passing the pressure test exceeding the designed pressure allowance.
Thickness Test Required by Law Having the thickness which does not deform with twice the amount of designed pressure allowance.
Materials Regulation Required by Law Standard Law Section 9 (Materials used in Gas Facilities)
Technical Test Applicable Clause
  • Articles 22 and 23 of the General Law
  • Article 6, Paragraph 1, Items 11, 12 ,13, and 14 of the General Law
  • Articles 23 and 24 of the Liquefied Petroleum Law
  • Article 6, Paragraph 1, Items 14, 17, 18, and 19 of the Liquefied Petroleum Law
  • Criteria for permission (Article 8).
  • Methods for manufacturing and production facilities (Item 11 of the Act)
  • Methods for storage and storage facilities (Item 18 of the Act)
Required classification for inspections and reports Report Required
  • Type 2 Storage Facility (Paragraph 1, Article 17 of the Law)
"Manufacturing license," "complete inspection," and "safety inspection" is required
  • Type 1 Storage Facility (Article 16, Section 1 of the Law)
  • Completion test (Article 20 of the Law)
  1. Within consumption facilities, including storage facilities, vacuum facilities, conduits and pipings within.
  2. Flammable gas, oxygen and specialty gases stored in a cylinder cabinet (c/c) may be stored indoors. Cylinder cabinet (c/c) standards are provisioned in Section 35 of the General Law criteria. Note: c/c and atorage facilities must have "3I 1C"

Symbol Explanation

Required by Law
Required by Law
Not Required by Law
Although not required by law, implementation is necessary for quality control.

Result of Certified Products

Certified products that have passed the necessary criteria will be:

  1. Exempt from completion and safety inspections.
  2. Assured of high quality.

By following the law and utilizing certified products where marked Required by Law will result in benefits marked (1)(2).