Approach to AI・IoT

Thanks to you, Fujikin welcomed its 88th anniversary of foundation in May 2018.
That long history was the history of "create things that are not in the world."
Also, regarding the recent global trend of AI (Artificial Intelligence)・IoT (Internet of Things),
we are promptly implementing IoT in products as a manufacturer of special valve equipment
and ultra-precise fluid (flow) control systems.
Furthermore, in view of incorporating AI, we aim to build industry 4.0 where
equipment with equipment and people with equipment can operate in cooperation.
IoT for products started with the era of computers and currently,
many valves and systems are now able to receive and transmit information themselves.
Also, importance is growing in the medical care and nursing fields with the progress of the ageing population, and the collection and sharing of health data by IoT is being used in Remote diagnosis.
Focusing on the future of living and industry, we are using all our efforts
on unlocking the unlimited possibilities of AI・IoT.

In 1978, we introduced the concept of IoT to the valve as soon as possible.

From the collection of operation data
to self failure prediction

Spreading to various new challenges
such as the medical field!