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Threaded Connection Fittings

What are Threaded Connection Fittings?

Among the fittings of the structure tightened with screws such as 2 double rings compression and bite rings type, metal gasket type, metal C ring type, etc., those with a structure that keeps the fitting's airtightness at a contact surface other than the screw is called Threaded Connection Fittings. In general rule 6, article 1, item 35 of High pressure gas safety law, it is stated that, "The piping, pipe fittings and valves for gas equipment that use Toxic gas should be done by welding. However, in situations where welding is not appropriate, it can be used alternatively flange or threaded connection fittings that have strength necessary for safety. (Cone & thread type fittings are limited to being used in compressed hydrogen gas stations)

What are certified products based on the High Pressure Gas Safety Law?
High pressure gas equipment (valves, pressure regulators, pumps, compressor, etc.) are products that have passed the manufacturing and testing by an examiner certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The test report issued by a certified examiner is attached to these products. Also, the test report is attached to products that have passed the high pressure gas equipment test conducted by The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK).

Types of Threaded Connection Fittings

Double Rings Compression and Bite Type metal gasket type O ring type small diameter high pressure gas use pipe fitting type metal C ring type Cone & Thread type