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Cho Monodzukuri Grand Award for Parts Awarded Products

The Japanese industry world has produced many excellent products ranging from machines, appliances electric machinery to lifestyle related products. Supporting these products are parts and components that realize the functions and economy of products. The Monodzukuri Nippon Conference and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun have selected the "Monozukuri Grand Award for Parts Award " for parts and materials that exist as a "subordinate tolerance" that contributes to the development of industry and society in order to support improvement of competitiveness of manufacturing in Japan.

High Performance Metal Gasket Fittings for Ultra High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas

Electric Direct Diaphragm Valve with Built-in Double Layer Capacitors (New Model ECV®[EECV])

Stick IGS

High Performance Sanitary Soft Diaphragm Valves

Electric Compact Direct Diaphragm Valve:ECV®