Product Information

On-Site Maintenance

Periodic maintenance to guarantee security, safety and peace of mind

Periodic maintenance is directly performed on-site by our experienced staff.

Maintenance case example for company A

  • Regular inspection of equipment every year
  • Inspection items
    1. 1)Disassembly / inspection
    2. 2)Restoration / cleaning
    3. 3)Exchange parts
    4. 4)Assemble / install piping
    5. 5)Adjust / inspect / check results
    6. 6)Create report

1)Disassembly / Inspection

Location: Work room (left), clean room (right), inspection

Disassembly / Inspection

Location: Clean room

Situation: Damage is discovered on the exit seat of the body. Lapping is performed.

Lapping procedure: Several times with 800, then finished several times with 2000.

2)Restoration / Cleaning

Location: Clean room

Situation: Parts cleaning

Cleaning fluid: Approximately 150cc of IPA and acetone are used for rough cleaning, and 200cc of alternative CFCs is used.

3)Exchange parts

Location: Clean room

Replace parts (new parts) <according to the usable parts list>

4)Assemble / Install Piping

After assembly, piping is installed

5)Adjust / Inspect / Check Results

Aperture, limit adjustment and confirm operation

External (airtight) leak inspection

Pressure of 26MPa / liquid nitrogen gas

Maintain for 10 minutes and check for leaks

Inspection passed

6)Create Report

After completing the work, we will create not only a work report, but also an inspection report with the maintenance results. Please instruct the staff at the time of maintenance.