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Briefing Session ・ Workshop (Free)

Explanations from technical specialists in each industry

Briefing Session・Workshop

In addition to fitting construction and product explanations, we are currently accepting requests for all types of workhops! (Free)

【Example applications】
・Training for young and new employees
・Safety training for new lab workers
・Improving the knowledge of engineers
・About high pressure gas safety laws
・Other, such as in-house training on products

※ Trust Fujikin's achievements and experience in high pressure gas safety laws, with our Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry high pressure gas certified plant.

Briefing Session・Workshop Contents

The following list of contents are examples of briefing sessions and workshops.
Other than the contents for the products listed below, we support all kinds of briefing sessions and workshops according to the customer's request, with every type of technical specialist free of charge.
Please inform us of your required contents at the time of request.

About certification systems
Case examples of accidents and safety measures
Introduction to the law reference system
About government approval
About high pressure gas certified fittings, N-II, N-III
Semiconductor manufacturing
Direct diaphragm valve
Bellows valve
Integrated gas system
FCS®-T, FCS®-P series
WVG® (Water Vapor Generator)
Pharmaceuticals, food and other industries
About control valves
About ceramic valves
Pressure surge unit (provider)
Static mixer device (mixer)
Product knowledge
General valves
General fittings
MFC, FCS® (gas flow rate adjustment equipment)
About screw thread standards
Construction methods and precautions for fittings, including tube cutting and bending (construction demonstration + construction experience)
Control valve maintenance
How to use positioners
Replacement method for the top part of large valves
Replacement method for the membrane of bio valves
Heater construction for gas supply systems
Double compression ring fittings (F900, Vlok, PUW)
Metal gasket fittings (UJR, UPG)
Weld fittings
W seal (for integrated gas systems)
Cone and thread fittings
High pressure gas, general industries
Needle valves, flow control valves
Electronic control valves
Pneumatically-actuated control valves
Ball valves, plug valves
Ceramic valves
Biweekly, special material valves (custom made)
Pressure surge unit (liquid and gas use)
Automatic sealing tape wrapping machine (with demonstration machine)
Valves for ultra-high pressure hydrogen
Static mixing device (+ pump unit)
Materials, cleaning
About stainless steel, high purity materials
About enclosures, dust emissions and gas ejection
About weld corrosion
About gas substitution, reverse diffusion