Fuji Tepler Automatic Sealing Tape Wrapping Machine

A machine that automatically
applies sealing tape to
a pipe's tapered thread.
Product Number

Electronic motor control Wrapping time reduced by approx. 40%

Video left: Fuji Tepler; right: wrapping by hand

Touch panel used
for operation
and settings

Menu Screen
Menu Screen
Operation Screen
Operation Screen
Settings Screen
Settings Screen


Items Specifications Note (Supplement)
Power Voltage AC100V 0.5A (50/60Hz)
Air pressure range for operation 0.3 ~ 0.7MPa Connection: For Φ6mm
one touch fitting
Screw sizes that can be wrapped R1/4、R3/8、R1/2、R3/4 *1、*2 Right handed thread
Wrapping Amount Adjustment possible with setting
Rotation Speed Adjustment possible with setting
Seal Tape Width 4mm、5mm、8mm、10mm、13mm
External Measurements / Weight W 300mm x D 315mm x H 325mm / 21kg
Air Consumption 20L / min. Consumption at 20℃ atmospheric pressure
differs depending on setting conditions.

*1:Please inquire for R1/8 and NPT thread.

*2:Please also inquire for fittings with surface finishing.

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