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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In order to correctly understand and use Fujikin's products we have listed real questions from customers. If your inquiry is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Confirmation of Terms

What does "-SH" mean at the end of product numbers?
It means "Safety Handle".
What is the difference between "-316LM" and "-316LP"?
They both use double melted materials to reduce impurities, but in the case of "-316LM," it has a very low amount of manganese.
What are the differences between UP and EP treatments?
UP treatment is polishing with an electrochemical composite which is smoother than EP treatment (electro-polishing).
What is the cracking pressure for a check valve?
When the valve begins to open, it is the pressure at when there becomes a constant flow, and not the pressure when it first opens.
What kind of structure is an external threaded valve?
The thread part of the stem is outside the gland packing so that it does not come into direct contact with the fluid.
What is the meaning of Cv value?
It is an abbreviation of "Flow coeffcient or flow capacity rating of valve".
What is the difference between a panel nut and a lock nut?
A panel nut fixes the valve to a surface. A lock nut is for fixing a valve's aperture and preventing looseness in gland nuts.
What are packless valves?
In place of gland packing, other methods such as bellows and diaphragms are used to completely prevent leaks.
What is the difference between single acting and double acting?
Double acting: the reciprocating cylinder can function with the movement of the fluid pressure.
Single acting: The cylinder can function in only one direction with the fluid pressure.

Specification Confirmation

Where can I check products not listed in the catalogues?
Please contact us using the below form.
What is the difference between the electronic valves "SR100" and "AR2000" series?
The "SR100" is capable of high speed responses due to a special proportional solenoid actuator.
The "AR2000" is capable of a 2000:1 high resolution by using a stepping motor.
Is the current value for the monitor included with the mass flow controller a calculated value or an instantaneous value?
The instantaneous value is displayed.
What is the difference between needle valves and needle stop valves?
Needle valves are normally used with middle apertures, but needle stop valves have the functionality to close. However, the accuracy of flow control is lowered.
Can fluids be stopped with a 3 way ball valve?
Although it will depend on the model, there are models that have closing functionality.
PUBVT-95 Series(mm)
PUBVT-95 Series(inch)
PUBVT-15 Series
Regarding 3 way ball valves, what is the difference between L ports and T ports?
Both L ports and T ports have 3 or more openings.
An L port switches between a 2 directional flow, but a T port can connect all three pathways together.
What are the different characteristics between linear and EQ%?
Linear characteristics (linear flow rate characteristics) are that valve lift and flow rate (Cv value) are proportional. It is suitable for temperature control.
EQ% characteristics (proportional characteristics) are when the flow rate is changed as a ratio according to the change of the unit stroke, and all strokes are fixed. It is suitable for pressure control.
Is oil free treatment applied?
Since it will depend on the product, please contact us for details.
Is there a Sch pipe size for bite fittings?
There are no standard type bite fittings for Sch pipes.
For specific models, we can arrange specific size products.
I would like to use UJR fittings, but are they compatible with φ12.7 piping?
Regarding φ12.7 and φ9.52 sizes, fittings are common, so the fittings will only be compatible with φ9.52 sizes.
Can resin tubing be connected to bite fittings?
Resin tubing can be used with bite fittings.
When connecting resin tubing to bite fittings, please use an insert bush.
VUW-IN Series(mm x mm)
VUW-IN Series(inch x inch)
PUW-IN Series(mm)
PUW-IN Series(inch)
What is the highest MPa rating for high pressure gas certified products?
Although it will depend on the equipment type and diameter, the highest compatibility is 99.9MPa.
For pressure exceeding 99.9MPa, there will be a high pressure gas equipment examination (KHK examination).
Fujikin CARP Group High Pressure Gas Classification Certification

Confirmation of Use

How do you use FUFL series filters with millimeter size tubes?
There are no millimeter size product options for the FUFL series. Please use a fitting converter on both ends to change it to a millimeter size.
VUWR Series(mm x inch)
Can ball valves be used in a vacuum?
Since it will depend on the requirements, please contact us.
Is it ok for the flow to be in the opposite direction in a valve?
Depending on the valve type, the seal performance will deteriorate considerably, so please use the flow direction specified by the manufacturer.
What is the torque value when constructing bite fittings?
When constructing bite fittings, torque value is not used, it will be the number of rotations of the nut.
What is the handle rotation direction for Fujikin ball valves?
The handle rotation direction (from open to close) is clockwise.
Is it ok to have acetylene​ flow in brass valves and fittings?
When copper alloys and acetylene are combined, it can form explosive acetylide, so please do not use it.
Can flow rate be adjusted with direct diaphragm valves?
Due to the structure, flow rate adjustment is difficult. Selecting needle valves is recommended.
Needle Valve Series
Is it ok to use copper pipes with stainless steel fittings?
Generally, copper pipes are softer than stainless steel pipes, so if the front and back rings are biting too much into the copper pipe, there is a possibility that the pipe will shear away from the bite part.
Powerfullok Series
Ring Joint Series
Can the leak inspection liquid (Fine Bubbles) be diluted and used?
It is not recommended to use it diluted.
Are there any concerns with reverse pressure applied to a closing valve?
There is a chance of leaks from the seat and gland parts.
What parts need to be replaced when maintaining valves?
It varies depending on the valve type and frequency of use, but basically it is necessary to replace the expendable parts such as the resin components (packing, etc).

Documents Support

Is it possible to issue mill sheets for all products?
Depending on the product line, there are product types that are not supported.
Also, depending on the utilization, there are cases where it does not conform to standards. If material certification is necessary, please specify it in advance when making the arrangements.
Where should I request a non-applicable certificate?
Please request it from the sales office or shop you bought it from.
For high pressure gas certified products, what kind of documents are presented?
Depending on the arranged requirements, the attached documents with products are, ① certification inspector's inspection results report (written recognition), ② inspection results certificate, ③ materials certificate (mill sheet).
Where should I request a catalogue to be sent?
Please send us your catalogue request to the nearest sales office.
Is it possible to change the contents of high pressure gas certificates?
It is possible if the requested contents are not related to the specifications or within the range of our certification specifications. Please record the requested changes on the order statement that was created at the time of arranging the relevant product, along with the inspector's inspection results report. If the request can be made to our sales office or store where the product was bought, we will confirm if the change is possible or not. Also, in the case that the contents can be changed, in order to exchange the inspector's inspection results report, inspection certificate and materials certificate (mill sheet), please make sure to return the results documents when requested.


Are F900 fittings compatible with millimeter sizes?
Inch sizes only. If you require millimeter sizes, please select the V-Lok and Powerful series.
Regarding the material of ceramic valves, is it possible to specify the material?
The standard specification is 99.5% alumina, but silicon carbide, silicon nitride, etc. is also possible.
Ball Valve CBV3 Series
Can needle valves be used in high vacuum conditions?
There is a possibility that vacuum conditions cannot be maintained due to gland packing stress relaxation and gas permeation. We recommend using other valves such as bellows valves and diaphragm valves.
Is it possible to apply a resin lining and resin coating to valve / fitting pathways?
There are valve types that are compatible and some that are not, so please contact us below.
Is it possible to manufacture valves and fittings with materials not listed in the catalogue?
It will be built to order, but manufacturing with special materials is possible, so please contact us.
Is it possible to sell front and back rings for bite fittings separately?
Front and back rings are only sold as sets.
Is it possible to certify a screw in type valve with liquefied ammonia?
Regardless if it is liquefied ammonia, if the fluid is a toxic gas, it is not possible to certify it with a screw in type valve. Please select a different connection method such as a flange type.
Is it possible to obtain expendable parts for valves?
There are products where single parts cannot be sold, but if you can contact us with the valve product number and required part name, we can sell it.

Sales Locations

What are the sales contacts for Fujikin products?
Please contact the nearest sales office from the below list.
What are the international sales contacts?
Please check by inquiring below.

Model Number Selection

What are the product numbers for the ring and nut of the ring joint?
The ring product number is "R-*R-R", the nut product number is "R-*N-R", the * is where the nominal diameter is entered.
What kind of information is required when selecting valves and fittings?
① Connection method ② Nominal diameter ③ Operating pressure ④ Operating temperature ⑤ Fluid name is required.
If possible, please also check the facilities/installation and what the valve will be used for.
Although the front and back rings for bite fittings are sold as a set, what is the product number for the time of arrangement.
It is "VUW-*SR", the * is where the nominal diameter is entered.

Product Number Change Confirmation

What is the meaning of "-R" at the end of a product number?
It means it is a RoHS compliant product.
Are the dimensions for the "US-126 series" and "US-127 series" the same?
Although the interface dimensions are the same, the lift height may vary slightly depending on the nominal diameter.
Is the product with the product number that begins with PRE-UBV still currently available?
It is no longer available, but we manufacture and sell the "PRE-UBV-14" for flow rate adjustment, and the "DM-UBV-14 series" for ON-OFF use.

About Online Sales

Is there a shipping fee?
It varies depending on the area to be shipped to and the delivery company. Although the shipping fee is stated in the email sent when ordering is completed, it may differ from the actual shipping cost, in which case we will inform you about the shipping fee separately by email.
Is shipping possible on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays?
Shipping is only on weekdays.
Is it possible to specify the delivery date as Saturday, Sunday and holidays?
It is possible to specify the delivery date as Saturday, Sunday and holidays, so please specify the day at the time of ordering.
Is the product price including or excluding tax?
All product prices are excluding tax.
Is it possible to ship the same day?
Generally, shipping is only done after payment is received and confirmed, so shipping the same day is not done.
How do I cancel ordered products?
Changing or cancelling orders will be dealt with when a notification is received from the customer. There is a deadline for changing or cancelling orders.
Orders placed before 4 pm: Orders can be changed or cancelled until 4 pm the same day
Orders placed after 4 pm: Orders can be changed or cancelled until 10 am the following morning
Please fill in the contents of the inquiries form for order changes and cancellations.
※ Depending on the contents, we may contact you by phone.
For details, please refer to the user's guide > order changes and cancellations.
How do I return ordered products?
For exchanges and returns, please contact us by email or phone within one week of arrival of the product.
For details, please refer to the user's guide > exchanges and returns.
What times is it possible to order?
The Fujikin online store accepts orders 24/7.
Is a receipt issued?
The receipt will be sent separately to the product shipment.
Is it possible to check the shipping status of shipped products?
To check the shipping status, please contact us by phone or email.
Is it possible to pay by credit card?
The Fujikin online store accepts payment by bank transfer.