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A guide to the small super caravan car


Deployed nationwide! A moving negotiation room!
A meeting location, anywhere, anytime!
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What is the product demonstration vehicle, small super caravan car?

It is a moving showroom that meets the customer's needs, with a selection of all kinds of products that Fujikin is proud of.

It is loaded with valves and fittings for every type of industry, and we think that is valuable that you can see our products and technology in your hand, anywhere, anytime, nationwide. Since our experienced staff demonstrate while explaining, it is popular because the customer can understand it well.

General product demonstration

Classification Products
General products 2 Compression rings fitting "Powerfullok"
Control valve, "MINUCON", "AR2000", "SR100"
Male threaded disc stop valve / needle stop valve
Soft diaphragm valve
All types of needle stop valves
All types of ball valves
Oil free products Auto Weld Fittings, "UJR", "UPG"
Direct diaphragm valve, metal diaphragm valve
Line/Tee filters
Bellows valves
Ball valves
Line check valves
Other Nylon tube
One-touch fitting
※ We can also respond to the customer's request, with products other than the ones above. Please inform us at the time of application.

About reservations

Please specify details such as industry, required products and demonstration date in the message box in the request form below. We look forward to your reservation.