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Product Number List For Each Catalogue

Catalogue No. CAD Data Catalogue PDF
001 Super Double Bite Fittings (Abbreviation: SUW) and Process Instrumentation Products SUPER W-BITE FITTING PDF
100-03 Valves and Fittings for Ultra High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas PDF
111 Stainless Steel Needle Valves, Average/Small/Minute Adjustments PDF
112 Brass/Bronze NEEDLE VALVES PDF
114 Female Threaded Needle Stop Valves ECONOMY TYPE PDF
115 Needle Stop Valves US-valves Manben Kun 26.5MPa Stainless Steel PDF
116 Compact Type BALL VALVES PDF
118 Outside Sliding Screw Type Panel Mount Shape Disc and Needle Stop Valves Clean Couplings PDF
119 Toggle Valves PDF
120-01 New Value Series Stainless Steel 3MPa Needle Stop Valves PDF
120-02 New Value Series Stainless Steel 16.2MPa POWERFULLOK Type Needle Stop Valves PDF
127 Ring Joints and Miniature Valves PDF
131 Diaphragm Type Mini Control Valves MINUCON® PDF
132 HiLife Fine Ceramic Ball Valves PDF
133 Fine Ceramic Valves COSMIX™ PDF
134-02 Air Operated Valves AFMO-40R Stainless Steel Air Operated Single Action・Multi-Action Automatic Ball Valves PDF
135 Electric Valves PRETRONIC® AR2000 PDF
136 Electric Valves PRETRONIC® SR100 PDF
137 Electric Valves Pretronic® SR100E High Performance and Small Control Valves PDF
138 Electric Valves Pretronic® SR100M PDF
232 Compact Electric Ball Valves (3.92MPa) AFCON DM-UBV Series PDF
320-01 New Value Series Brass 1MPa Needle Stop Valves PDF
700-03 FINE series PURE® High Durability Valve Series "Kiwami" PDF
700-04 FINE series PURE® High Flow Valve series "Kiwami" PDF
700-05 FINE series PURE® High Temperature Valve Series "Kiwami" PDF
701-01 FINE series PURE® Standard series PDF
702 SUS316 Insaid Sliding Screw Type Needle Stop Valves PDF
702-01 FINE series PURE® F900 Tube Fitting Series FINELOK PURE PDF
702-02 FINE series PURE® LF900 Tube Fitting Series FINELOK PURE(Liquid only) PDF
703 Panel Mount Type Ball Valves Compact and Lightweight 4.9MPa PDF
703-01 Flange, Butt Weld Type JIS10K Ball Valves PDF
704 Ball Valves With 4 Colored Handle Mini Ball Valves 3.92MPa PDF
709 Stainless Steel Bellows Valves 1MPa Type PDF
710-01 FINE series PURE® Bellows・Metal Diaphragm series PDF
710-02 FINE series PURE® Adjustable Dual Flow Valves PDF
720-01 FINE series PURE® UJR Fittings Auto Weld series PDF
721 POWERFULLOK Tube Fittings SUS316 PDF
726-02-01 New V®-Lok PDF
726-02-02 Powerfullok Brass PDF
726-02-03 New V®-Series Instrument Ball Valves PDF
726-02-04 New V®-Series 3 Piece Ball Valves PDF
726-02-05 New V®-Series Trunnion Ball Valves PDF
726-02-06 New V®-Series Plug Valves PDF
726-02-07 New V®-Series Union-Bonnet Needle Valves PDF
726-02-08 New V®-Series Integrated Bonnet Needle Stop Valves PDF
726-02-09 New V®-Series Brass Needle Stop Valves PDF
726-02-10 New V®-Series Instrument Manifold/Gauge Valves PDF
726-02-11 New V®-Series Bellows Valves PDF
726-02-12 New V®-Series Toggle Valves PDF
726-02-13 New V®-Series Relief Valves PDF
726-02-14 New V®-Series Check Valves PDF
729-01 FINE series PURE® UPG® Fittings series PDF
731-01 FINE series PURE® WVG® Water Vapor Generator PDF
732-01 FINE series PURE® IGS® Integrated Gas System PDF
734-01 PFA Welding Machine Quick Welder™ PDF
734-02 PFA Welding Fittings PURE Fit® Series FINE Series FUSION PDF
741-01 FINE series PURE® NEW MEGA® Series PDF
751-01 Flow Control System FCS® Thermal Series PDF
807-01 New Value Series Stainless Steel 0.98MPa Double Action Type Automatic Ball Valves PDF
810-01 New Value Series Stainless Steel Ball Valves 3.92MPa PDF
811-01 Brass 3MPa Ball Valves PDF
820-01 Stainless Steel Bonnetless Type Stop Valves 34MPa Type PDF
820-02 Stainless Steel Male Threaded Stop Valves 42MPa Type PDF
820-03 Stainless Steel Line Check Valves 22MPa Type PDF
821 Minute Flow Control Valves Cv 0.004 Type PDF

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