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Privacy Policy

Fujikin Incorporated (further referred to as "Company"), which uses personal information from customers and, as appropriate, personal information pertaining to our employees, has established the following basic policy, to which all employees must comply, and we do hereby declare our effort to continually improve it.

Basic Policy

Fujikin, as a company that designs, produces and sells special control valves, is committed to protecting all personal information, which includes Fujikin Soft's products, employee information, information used to perform services, recruitment activites and contact information.

  1. The company will comply with the laws and regulations and other standards regarding the proper handling of personal information.
  2. The company will make sure the internal rules regarding the handling of peronal information is clarified to its employees. In addition, the company will demand the proper handling of personal information when it is being entrusted to an outside source.
  3. When collecting information, the company will use the appropriate method in accordance with the internal rules. In addition, with the agreed proper handling of personal information, the company will not disclose or supply personal information to third parties without a justifiable reason and consent.
  4. When the company receives a request to disclose, change, delete or suspend the use of personal information held by the company, we will confirm it is the actual person and respond with good faith.
  5. The company will take the necessary measures to prevent and correct unauthorized access, data loss, data leaks, data falsification and data corruption of the data held by the company.
  6. The company regularly conducts audits on the protection of personal information, reviews internal rules and personal information management methods as necessary, and will continually make appropriate improvements.

About the handling of personal information

Purpose for the collection and retention of personal information by this company

Fujikin Incorporated (further referred to as "Company"), may use personal information for the purposes of product delivery, payment, after service, notification of new products and services and for marketing activities.

Supplying third parties with personal information acquired by the company

The company will never supply third parties with our customer's personal information without consent, except in cases in accordance with laws and regulations.

Safety management for the protection of personal information

For the protection of our customers' personal information, the company will strive to enforce our internal rules with all employees and perform regular audits of rugalations compliance. The company will also strive to maintain and improve the control measures necessary for the protection of personal information.

Procedure and handling charge for disclosure and correction

Customer's are able to request for the disclosure of personal information held by the company. To that effect, customers can also request for the correction or suspension of the use of their personal information. Regarding the request of disclosure of personal information, please fill out a form from the company with the necessary items and send with it a copy of your identity confirmation documents to the company's personal information department. Furthermore we will collect a handling charge for the disclosure request. Regarding the disclosure request, the person will receive a response from the company as standard. For disclosure requests regarding correction and suspension of usage, the company will send the necessary documents along with the reply.

Inquiries reagarding the handling of personal information

For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the personal information department.

Fuijkin's personal information department contact
Inquiries regarding personal information

Creation Date: May 21st 2005
Revision Date: April 1st 2010

Fujikin Incorporated person in charge of personal information protection
Vice Chairman Naoki Akamatsu