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iOneView Gateway

Image Reference Network System by iPad/iPhone

iOneView Gateway

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High image quality with the fastest display
"iOneView" is software that allows you to easily inspect medical images on an iPad device. It supports the iPad's retina display and fully utilizes the 3 million pixel resolution while also displaying images at a high speed.


  • For use as an informed consent tool for patients during a doctor's hospital rounds
  • For use as a DICOM viewer that individual students can operate for medical training
  • For use as an image delivery tool for doctor's in remote locations such as for emergencies

Main Functionality

  • Deliver original DICOM image
  • A light and quick viewer
  • Can display DICOM PDF files and multi-frame videos

Support Information

Distributed by Fujikin Soft

Medical equipment sales name: iOneView Program
Medical equipment management general purpose image diagnostic device workstation program
Medical equipment identification number: 228AFBZX00009000
Medical equipment package insert: iOneView Program

Manufacturer and seller: ImageONE
Tokyo, Shinjuku 6-27-30