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Medical Care Equipment

PulsFit Pulse Oximeter Model Number:BO-600/BO-650/BO-800

Reliably made in Japan

Pulse Oximeter PulsFit

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Conforms with the 2014 JIS standards (BO-650)

Nissei's pulse oximeter was tested in a low oxygen chamber at the Tokyo Medical University,
where it was tested on people for SpO2 accuracy and was verified to conform with the
JIS T 80601-2-61 standard established in 2014.

Conforms with the 2014 JIS standards (BO-650)

Easy to use, no need to choose the location (BO-650)

  • Measures both Children and adults
  • Invert display function
  • PI value display function
  • Two color backlight

Ideal for home nursing! (BO-600)

  • Compact design that focuses on ease of use
  • Simple, easy to see and easy to understand
  • A portable device that has excellent measurement performance
Ideal for home nursing! (BO-600)

It's fine even when it gets wet (BO-800)

Waterproof design is ideal in many locations (IEC 60529 IPX5)


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