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Medical Care Equipment

Digital Radiography Device for Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery
Model Number:T-STB/T-BODY32R

A radiography device supported by the digital environment

Digital Radiography Device for Internal Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery

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T-STB: Radiography table with stand

Equipped with a floating table interlocked with a X-ray tube and designed for a digital environment.

  • Stress free positioning with the interlocking X-ray tube and cassette.
  • Excellent fine tuning with a foot switch. Utilizes an electromagnetic lock.
  • A floating tabletop on all sides.
  • Designed to be compact and easily installed.
  • Upgrades allow the system to support your needs with a combination of equipment.

T-BODY32R: General Radiography System

A full specification digital radiography system that meets all demands
An all-in-one system that combines excellent operability, image quality and high performance

Accepts a wealth of photography conditions

APR mode function is equipped as standard. Equipped with 225 photography conditions. By selecting the size, desired body part and photography orientation, it will set the most optimum photography conditions (kV, mA, mAs/sec) in an instant, which makes it possible to get an accurate photograph.

Implementation of Auto Photography

The AEC function allows easy auto photography. The optimum photo can be acquired with easy-to-operate automatic detection of X-ray dosage during radiography sessions.

Support Information

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