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Digital Radiography Device for Doctors' RoundsModel Number:T-Walkerα

Supporting medicine in diverse locations, 155kg/dual power supply, the lightest device for doctors' rounds.

Digital Radiography Device for Doctor's Rounds

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First in class, dual power supply (DC/AC) standard equipped model

Respond to emergencies requiring photography with the standard equipped Hybrid Power Supply (dual power supply equipment), which has an AC power supply (AC 100V plug socket) and a DC power supply (Battery) for cordless operation.
Take photographs with battery power, and when battery power falls, use the AC power supply (DC+AC type only). A built-in circuit breaker maintains long battery life.

DC high performance battery for photography AC power cable for photography

Stable power ouput with the battery and inverter

Stable power is guaranteed with one dedicated circuit for the AC power supply and another for the DC power supply from multiple high-performance batteries. Furthermore, both use an inverter through a special smooth circuit which realizes a stable X-ray output with almost no ripple (pulse rate). Unnecessary radiation exposure is reduced and images can be captured quickly and safely.

At 54 cm, it is the industry's slimmest and can easliy be maneuvered around bedsides

Mobility derives from the lightweight, simple and slim 540 mm design that contains everything, including the controller, batteries and head. The suspension system allows the front wheels to be positioned under the bed and 130 mm front wheel casters are easy to maneuver.

DC high performance battery

At 155 kg, it is the industry's lightest and is operable in diverse locations

As the industry's lightest, at 155 kg, it can respond flexibly in disasters and in diverse locations such as stairs or gravel roads.
The light weight makes it easy for two adults to carry and load into a vehicle in order to respond not only in disaster sites, but also in intensive care units (ICU) and examination facilities and for external medical examinations.

Industry's lightest 155kg, which supports diverse locations

A suspension system that improves driveability

Movement is smooth due to the new suspension system and large diameter rear wheels that absorb the impact of bumps. It is easy to rotate and move forward and back around the bedside for good positioning.


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