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Ultrasound Diagnostic EquipmentModel Number:MUS-P0301

A new generation of ultrasound diagnosis

Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

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Lightweight and Compact

The MUS-P0301 series was developed with convenience in mind and is an Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment that can be used anywhere, anytime. Improvements to the size, weight and power supply of the MUS series have made it a portable ultrasound diagnosis device.

MUS-P0301 series MUS-P0301 series

Android Compatible

Though portable, it provides high resolution and high quality images that are easy to examine. Compatible with many devices, its convenience, versatility and outstanding images allow rapid diagnosis in every situation.

Android compatible

Support for locations outside the hospital

At any time or in any location or situation, images taken on site can be stored on a computer or android tablet. Ultrasound images and surgical probe footage can be sent in real time to an assisting remote hospital by communication line, where accurate diagnoses can be made and instructions sent back to assist personnel on site.

Android compatible


MUS-P0301 lineup 1

MUS-P0301 lineup 2


MUS-P0301 specifications

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