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Interviews with representatives from Japan's top leaders in many fields.
"THE ZEN" is a practical guide to the new "Ultra and Extreme" era.
It is the leading media for the modern era, that is to say the new industrial era.
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What is "THE ZEN®"?

It is the source for guidance in the new era of "Ultra and Extreme" technology, which is built on the spirit of "ZEN." Going full speed in the 21st century ---
with the rapid development of computers and technological innovations, mankind is creating an advanced technology society.
We greet this so called new industrial revolution, and open the path to the new century through the "Ultra and Extreme" practical magazine "THE ZEN®." We mix technology information with hot activites from the leading companies that are striving for technological innovation. Furthermore, we want to take the social responsibility and introduce you to the minds behind these companies.

Origins of "THE ZEN®"

Surpassing the limits with the "Dharma Management Philosophy." In 1985, at the 55th anniversary of our founding, Fujikin exihibited in the "1985 Tsukuba Science Expo." In that same year, we published the country's only "Ultra and Extreme" magazine.

Words of the front cover

"THE ZEN®" is born from the Sanskrit for "ZEN (禅)" which is India's practice of deep meditation that was then handed down to form China's way of thinking. There is also the completion of everything "ZEN (全)" and the principle of good virtues "ZEN (善)." Furthermore, there is "ZEN (然)" for the nature of oneself, "ZEN (漸)" for steady progress and "ZEN (前)" for tackling everything and facing forward. These come together to form the idea of "Selflessness for everything".
"THE ZEN®" holds all these meanings, deep ideas and the power to go on this relentless journey, and it builds the new era and is the place for the opinions of people who have a burning passion in many fields. This is the thought and motive behind this magazine and why we use the title "THE ZEN®"

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