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Strategy Information Magazine New Technomart 「SO (創)」

Intellectual Property ・Human Treasures® ・Technology ・Assets Strategy Information Magazine New Technomart 「SO (創)」
New Technomart 「SO (創)」 supports Japan's manufacturing
Including intellectual property details, it also has thoughts on manufacturing from the viewpoints of industry, academics and the government, with the topics of human treasures, technology and assets.

What is New Technomart 「SO (創)」?

Under the slogan, "Lets create one mind: Japan!" we wanted to repay the kindness of everyone who helped promote the growth of Fujikin, from the birth of the Osaka/Itachibori wholesale store through today. So in 2011, we began publishing the Super Intellectual Property Strategy Information Magazine, New Technomart SO (創).

As part of Fujikin Carp Group's CSR activities, every season we publish articles, exhibition information and fascinating news related to intellectual property, human treasures, techniques and material strategies.

Intellectual Property Information

In every issue, acquired patents and completed intellectual property applications are published for free.

For the purpose of communicating intellectual property information to the world and as part of PR activities, we wish to:
・License patents to third parties
・Search for practical applications and join developments
・Improve our image and apply patented technology in products

If you share these and other desires, please use this magazine.

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