Corporate Information

CSR Activities

A major role we must fulfill is to contribute to our society through community projects.
From one region to the world. From the world to the universe.
Together with our company's technology, we will expand our activities to create a sustainable and properous society.

CSR Activities and Strong environmental ideology

To a new future, to a beautiful world, kindness toward people, love toward property, uncompromising toward work, relentless toward ourselves, compassionate toward society, happiness toward life with no regrets, keep our traditions shining (corporate cultural heritage).

Creation of the future
Since Fujikin's establishment, we have created a variety of valves in response to the "flow" of the era, developed each generation's leading products, made the impossible possible, and endeavoured to assist in the development of society. That desire will not change, for we will continue to create new products that will be useful in our beautiful future world and will support the wishes of people around the world.
Human Treasures®
It will not be possible to create a future with a beautiful and kind society unless there are people who believe in it. We are developing not only advanced technologies, but are publishing information magazines that will help cultivate future leaders.