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Greetings From President NOJIMA Shinya

President NOJIMA Shinya President NOJIMA Shinya

Always challenge the limit and continue to create a new "FLOW".

Beyond the flow of things

Expanding our DNA for cutting-edge creation

Since its founding in 1930、Fujikin Carp Group's policy has been to always challenge and surpass the limits of technology. We represent the creation of unique precision valve equipment, and we contribute to the continuous research, creation and development of ultra-precise flow control systems for diverse fields on the land and sea and in the sky. Always surpassing the limits: It is in our DNA.

AI and IoT are now penetrating our lives and will become the new "FLOW." It is the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution, in which the role of ultra-precision flow control systems will become more essential than ever. As sensing technology and information technology continue to develop rapidly, Fujikin Carp Group will face the challenges with determination and rigor.

As leaders in this era of research, creation and development, we will also drive forward into new fields. Fujikin's driving force propels us forward into such new areas as sturgeon cultivation, hydrogen fuel technology, and high-technology ultrasound diagnostic equipment, telemedicine and other life science projects.

Fujikin Carp Group will continue to press forward with further globalization in order to expand around the world. Our DNA will create a new "FLOW".