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President's Greeting

Evolution in ultraprecise flow control: Going beyond being the best choice and becoming the only choice

Hisashi Tanaka

President & CEO

President Hisashi Tanaka

Ever since our founding in 1930, we at Fujikin have always challenged ourselves to push technology beyond its current limits.

We work tirelessly to improve the technology used in our high precision valves and other ultraprecise gas & fluid flow control device and systems to ensure they can contribute in a diverse range of areas on land, at sea, in the air and in space.

As sensing technology and information technology continue their rapid development, we will continue to boldly challenge ourselves and ensure our ultraprecise gas & fluid flow control technology evolves.

We also work on the development of cutting-edge technology in new areas.

Fujikin's businesses, including the full cultivation of critically endangered sturgeons and our life science business that is built on ultrasonic diagnostic systems and telemedicine systems utilizing state-of-the-art technology, are what drive us forward to achieve further advances.

Fujikin will continue to globalize and go beyond just being the best choice; we will become absolutely indispensable to our customers and we fully intend to grow alongside them.