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Kanto Special Edition
Top Interview
A three-pronged plan for culture, tourism and economy that aims to realize a nation of culture and art
Director of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Professor Ryohei Miyata
The duty to communicate Japan's traditions and culture to the future and to the world Director of Tokyo National Museum
Masami Zeniya
Intellectual Property
Expecting rapid progress with the One Metropolis Campus sysnergy effect
President of Saitama University
Professor Hiroki Yamaguchi
Human Treasures
50 years of technical college, to a new reform
Director of the National Institute of Technology Professor Isao Taniguchi 12
The path to the future ⑥ Waseda University, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, Department of Applied Mechanics
Tomoya Koshi
Special Interview
Hydrogen energy society - To a clean future, together with hydrogen -
The challenge to enhance hydrogen storage materials, through a composite of hydrogen storage alloys and various other materials
Professor at Nihon University, College of Science and Technology, Department of Materials and Applied Chemistry, Inorganic Materials Chemistry Laboratory
President of the Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan
Nobuyuki Nishimiya
Extreme ⑪ Modern Craftsman
Expert foundry technique has made it possible to manufacture with new composite materials
Technical Advisor at NTK Corp.
Machine Molding Molding Worker (Caster)
Isamu Nagase
Intellectual Property
Japan Women Inventors Association, notice of dissolution 24
The forefront of university libraries ⑤
Osaka University Library
Intellectual property paradigm shift ⑦
- Buddhist teachings to wake up from intellectual property illusions -
Chairman of The Society of Intellectual Registration (SIR)
Professor Seichiro Tamai
Takayuki Sakai's manufacturing map collection
The strategy and prediction for the future of the manufacturing industry
New Technomart Intellectual Property Information Contents 33
Supporting Manufacturing in Japan
New Technomart (Intellectual property information, 14 items)
Human Treasures
The path to the future ⑥ Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Graduate School of Materials Science, Surface and Materials Science Laboratory
Ebato Tatsuya
Training of human resources that lead the global era. Chairman of Ehle Institute
Keichi Hasegawa
VEC Correspondence ⑤
Venture Enterprise Center
Main business activities
VEC Kansai Branch 45
Female manager's plaza
Union molding created from the fusion of low and high tech
Chairman and Director of Philknot
How to raise the power of the mind ① New serialization
Cognitive behavioral therapy for raising the power of the mind
Professor Yutaka Ono
Futuristic fire-engine that extinguishes fires with concentrated nitrogen Section Manager of Morita Holdings Corporation, Technology Research Institute, Component Development Section
Suji Seki
Amazing Skills ⑧
The core of human-computer interaction for current location display and route guidance─
Necessary car navigation system for a comfortable car life
Under clothing thermometer, Ran's Night Self, color psychology test
- Dressed well -
Spring issue 〉 Business card advertisements 30
Topics 48
Fujikin exhibition details 52
Reader's networking club / BOOK (Book review) 53
Spring Yojijukugo Quiz 54
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